Making social content great with 4 easy steps

The biggest question in social media marketing lies in “How do you create great social content?” Some steps that you should follow include coming up with the big idea, brain storming on how to communicate your idea, understanding your core audience and finally plan delivery.

Some key questions to keep in mind should address the following:

Who is your audience?

What is your idea?

Why should people listen to you or visit your website?

When will you implement your ideas?

How will you reach your ideal audience?

Big idea moment

Big ideas can come from all over.

Original thoughts – simply taking a pen and paper and sitting down on a table can really make the creative juices flowing. Think of any ideas that you like and write them down and then add other branches to the idea that expand on it. For example, if your main idea is lose fat then branches could include lose fat through cardio, lose fat through pills, lose fat through surgery and more. Go from general to specific topic within that idea.

News and trends – news can be a great source of what is hot and what people may be taking about today and in the future. Google Trends can be another great source of idea inspiration and it helps you find which topics people are searching for online.

Solving a problem – talking to your friends and family and talking about different problems they may have with common products they use can be a great source of information. If you are able to solve a problem that many people are facing but there is no solution then that situation is ideal for you to step in and become successful.

Brain storm

Now that you have your big idea you would have to think about how your idea can be best communicated.

Blog – creating a blog is a great way of spreading your ideas online. There are lots of blogs on a variety of topics. Blogs can also provide a way for you to earn money. By placing advertisements that are relevant to the topic you are discussing you can generate good returns. Blogs are also relatively cheap to start with the only considerations being choosing a domain name and a hosting service.

Social media – creating accounts on top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus can help generate some recognition and spreading of ideas that will be helpful when you are starting out. Social media will also help generate traffic back to your website.

Video – creating YouTube videos is also another great way on getting your ideas spread to a wider audience. YouTube also allows you to earn money so that the bigger the audience you have watching your videos, the more money you can make.

Podcast – sometimes people would rather listen to a topic rather than read. For example, when they are driving to work they can listen to your podcast.

Infographic – great way to present your ideas. Infographics are graphical visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information clearly and effectively.

Consider the market

Consider which customers you want to reach or which the idea may suit best.

Segmentation may be important. Using software such as Google analytics can be very helpful in understanding the types of people that are visiting your website.

You can segment based on a variety of factors such as age, gender and more. When targeting your customer you have to think about whether you want to target everyone or do you want to go after a small segment.

For example, if you find that your audience are consisted mostly of males then you can sub segment them based on age such as 18-25. Income could also be segmented but that is if you may be selling a physical good or service.

Plan Delivery

Careful planning is essential before you make any decision.

Structure is essential. When you are posting stuff on your blog are you going to be doing it daily or weekly? Are you going to be posting 1 time per day or more than once per day? Do you want posts longer than 500 words or even more than 2000 words?

Style – Informal vs. professional? With informal, you can write as someone who is just like the average reader. You are learning about new information and would not consider yourself an expert in the field. Some people like this way because other readers may feel like you are like one of them. With professional, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field. The ideal situation would be that people turn to you when they are searching for the topic you are talking about.

Please comment on any ways you think can make social content great.

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