Social Customer Service in today’s world

These days when people think of customer service they may think of times when they called a company by phone to complain that their product is not working well; they may went into a store to talk a store rep to talk about a recent purchase they made which was not very good. Both of these are customer service but there is also another type of customer service which is increasing in popularity these days which will discuss below. [Read more...]

The YouTube Alternative: Amazon Video Shorts

Everybody wants to be a YouTube star these days. You may have heard of the popular YouTube celebrities earning lots of money through YouTube. You may have also thought if they can do it then why not you? Of course you can do it but it will take some time and effort on your part to reach the upper echelons of YouTube popularity. Meanwhile there are other up and coming video sites which may begin to grow in popularity and wait for it…. Not require you to use a Google plus account. What I am talking about is not a fantasy but a reality and it is called Amazon video shorts [Read more...]

4 ways to utilize social media strategy

Social media plays an important part in many people lives as well as how many businesses interact with its consumers. There are different ways to take full advantage of your social media efforts. We will explore 4 different ways to effectively utilize social media strategy  [Read more...]

Ads versus reality in marketing

Advertisements come in all forms. Most common one that people are exposed are Ads on TV or online. Although sometimes what is presented in the Ad can be quite different from what the reality of the product is. Companies use ads to attract consumers to try their products but when the consumer actually looks at the product compared to what they saw in the ad; they may leave disappointed. Enjoy the info graphic below which explores the differences in Ads vs versus reality [Read more...]

Twitter gifs: the next leap?

If you haven’t been following Twitter news then I have something to share with you. Twitter has recently announced that it will allow people to post gifs in their Tweets. Now if you don’t know what gifs.. they are basically short video clips that people watch and like to share with other people. [Read more...]

Technology copycats

These days you can find knock offs of any popular brand. You want a Nike then how about a Nipe? Looking for Adidas? How about Adibas? This also translates in the technology market where Chinese companies are now able to offer similarly spec technological products at lower prices. We will be exploring the Chinese startup Xiaomi and its impact in the technology market specifically smart devices such as tablets and phones. [Read more...]

Smart homes: Getting walled in?

Smart homes some may say are inevitable for the future. As technology becomes more engrained in our daily lives, people will turn to technology to make their lives easier. Who can blame them? As people get busier, they may have less time to spend at home but also do not want to come back to a home which has been looted because they forgot to lock the door, or have a high electric bill because they forgot to turn off the lights before their vacation. [Read more...]

Smart homes way of future?

The way technology is progressing these days, it may come as no surprise that eventually people may come to expect to see technology even further ingrained in their everyday lives. From smart watches to wearable glasses technology, technology has changed the way people interact with others and how they make use of their time. Smart homes may be the next trend that will emerge in the market [Read more...]

Hologram projectors on smartphones?

You may have already seen some practical uses of holograms in real life or heard of holograms being used. With the way technology is progressing, it may not be that surprising to hear that there is a company that is on its way to making holograms on your smartphones a reality. Please read on to find out. [Read more...]

Myspace trying to lure you back. Will you go?

The latest news is that Myspace trying to lure you back along with most of its old users. You know Myspace… that site which used to be popular before Facebook came and took away most of its user base. How Myspace intends to do that you ask? Well read below and you will find out all the details on how Myspace is trying to get you back. [Read more...]