Grandmaster Flash and Grandma on social media

Every couple of days you hear some funny news about how people just do not know how to use Facebook correctly. The latest victim are Grandmothers. Everyone loves their Grandmothers and Grandfathers but it always brings a smile on people’s faces when they make a mistake on social media websites. Lately, Grandmothers have been tagging themselves as “Grandmaster Flash” even though they did not mean for that to happen. So if they start typing “Love Grandma” Facebook gives them a suggestion if they meant “Grandmaster Flash”. Below we will see some hilarious examples [Read more…]

How to handle a crisis communication?

In the age of social media, there are companies that face issues relating to crisis communication. Some companies are able to handle this crisis well and other companies tend not to do so well. Below we will look at a great infographic, created by meltwater, which highlights the steps which need to be undertaken to handle a crisis communication effectively.

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Starbucks: that’s not how you spell my name

When is the last time you have been to a Starbucks? Yesterday? Today? 2 weeks ago? Well if you have been there or know friends who have been there then you may have heard of the problems they face when ordering their choice of coffee. The coffee may be great but this problem relates to something else. Please watch the video below to see what I mean [Read more…]

More about the Apple Watch

You have probably heard of the new Apple watch news. In addition to the Apple watch, Apple also released the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The plus model is a bigger version compared to previous iPhone models. Below we will discuss this news in more detail [Read more…]

Interesting stats on Social Media Growth in 2014

Social media has grown at a tremendous pace over the past couple of years. Everybody you ask will at least have one social media profile. Some may use Facebook, others Twitter and others some other social media platform. The one thing all social media sites have in common is that they allow users to interact with people all over the world to share their ideas in unique and creative ways. Below we will look at an interesting infographic by Search Engine Journal which shows the growth of social media in 2014 and some surprising statistics related to that growth [Read more…]

How to optimize your website for businesses

There are many businesses out there with an online presence. They have websites, social media accounts and are active with their online community. But one thing about websites that people tend to ask is about optimization. Most business websites are created to create business leads, produce sales or get users to sign up for weekly or monthly newsletters. Quicksprout has created a wonderful infographic highlighting how to optimize your website. Have a look below [Read more…]

Power of apps in the business world

When you think of apps biggest consumers you probably think of consumers. But who are these consumers? They can be anyone and this includes business people. Executives and marketers of several companies are recognizing the advantages of using apps to help grow their business externally and also help with communication within the company itself. [Read more…]

Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

Below we will see an infographic which talks about the trends in Digital Marketing for 2014. This includes content marketing, social networks, mobile marketing, video and location based marketing

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Twitter Analytics

When people think about online analytics they may think about Google Analytics and a variety of other analytics software which allows you to analyze how well your website is doing and so on. Twitter has also jumped onto the analytics bandwagon and it is definitely a useful feature as we will see below in more detail [Read more…]

How to improve your marketing efforts

Here are 3 steps to improve your marketing efforts: [Read more…]