What is personal branding and how do you do it?

So we hear it all the time. You are your own brand. What does that mean in today’s world? People are able to search other people before they even meet them. These days more people are using social media more than ever before. Even people who you may think are not that tech savvy want to have a social media profile. For example, grandparents may want to interact with their grand kids to make sure they get to see little Timmy’s special moments. [Read more...]

Social media and robbers: A match made in heaven?

These days it is not just people and businesses that are using social media but also robbers. And I am not talking about your local telecom company which robs you in daylight. As consumers are becoming more tech savvy so are the robbers. In the past it used to be that robbers would turn to local obituaries to rob families. For example, you are attending a relative’s funeral and when you get home you see some of the furniture is missing. These days robbers access the same social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter among others and can “stalk” people of interest to them. [Read more...]

Why supporting a cause is important for companies?

These days many organizations are finding it important to align themselves with causes. Whether it is finding a cure for cancer, funding programs that combat obesity, or funding organizations that help the poor. Raising awareness, money and consumer engagement for issues that society finds important has become the new norm for many different companies.  As consumers are increasingly accepting these positive actions by the companies, consumers are also increasing their expectations of the company itself. [Read more...]

3 questions you need to ask about your content

The digital age has allowed people to access information on the go and it has forced the way many companies are interacting with their consumers online. Popular ways of getting consumers attention included billboards, magazine and TV ads. Although they are still around, companies are now increasing their presence on social media, trying to get high ranking on search engines like Google through search engine optimization and are trying to get the attention of potential consumers as quickly as possible. Chances are if you are unable to satisfy what the consumer is looking for then they may leave your website never to return.

Here are some questions that need to be answered: [Read more...]

3 ways to differentiate your content

What differentiates one website from another is usually the type of content. Although you will find many websites in the same niche and even with pretty similar articles, one thing you will notice is that people often have their own ways they communicate similar ideas. Some people create informative articles that are meant to provide the reader with useful information in making decisions or getting knowledge on a certain topic. Others provide a more entertaining viewpoint on certain topics within their niche such as inserting humorous videos. While others go against the conventional viewpoints and offer to look at topics from a different point of view. [Read more...]

Consumer engagement tips

Creating engagement with your audience is important in today’s world. Being passionate about your topic and interacting with people outside of your inner circle helps in creating more awareness for your brand and/or website. People often like to see results as soon as possible and often work with the mentality that if it didn’t work for him/her then it may work for me because I am different. Below are some tips on how engage with your audience in an effective manner.    [Read more...]

Social media fails: Company nightmares

Social media is a great tool that many companies are utilizing to interact with their consumers. You can post news about your latest product offerings, discount codes and also build strong relationships with your consumers. How can a company keep relevant in today’s world? You can keep up to date with the latest news and build conversations around those news and how they may relate to what your company is doing. Although many companies engage with their online consumers in a positive and good way there have been instances of companies tweeting at the wrong time resulting in “social media fails”. The results are a PR nightmare with the companies eventually issuing apology statements.  [Read more...]

Social media holiday campaigns

Holiday campaigns are a great time to increase interaction with consumers. Social media has helped a great deal in the way consumers and companies are interacting. There are many different things companies and individuals can do to stand out online. These include creating multiple campaigns, offering online coupons, engaging on many different social media platforms, allocating more resources and running contests. [Read more...]

DFORF: Why some brands fail?

What is DFORF? D stands for dilution, F for focus, O for overworked, R for road bumps and F for forged brand. All of these issues can impact how a consumer views your brand and your future profitability. What may have worked well for a brand or product in the past may not necessarily work today. Best examples would be companies in technology sector where products are rapidly changing and so if you are launching a product with outdated technology you cannot hope to be very successful. [Read more...]

Social media crisis: what to do about it?

Many companies can face a crisis. Some recent examples would be the financial crisis in the US which affected large banks, automakers and other companies. When a crisis occurs there are 2 results; you either survive the crisis or you can’t survive the crisis. If you are a survivor then you are able to possibly even attract consumers of companies that did not survive the crisis. You have differentiated yourself in the eyes of the consumer because you succeeded where others have failed.

The following are some steps companies can take in solving a social media crisis   [Read more...]