How to treat your customers right

There are many ways that a business can treat its customers. The best way is obviously to treat them right but what does treating the customers right mean and how does a business go about doing it? Below are 8 tips on how to treat your customers right [Read more...]

Social Customer Service

Customer service has evolved into merely traditional customer service to engaging with customers online such as through social media and other online mediums. With social customer service, customers are demanding better service due to the increasing competitive pressure the companies face in the marketplace. Changing the ways that companies interact with customers online has allowed some to increase customer loyalty. Below we will see an info graphic which further explores social customer service.  [Read more...]

Factors to brand loyalty

There are many different factors which a person may look at in a product that makes them loyal to a certain brand. Below we will explore these different factors to brand loyalty [Read more...]

Different faces of online influencers

Online influencers can come in many forms. Below we will see what motivates each type of influencer and how to engage with them. [Read more...]

Think of a brand as a body

You can think of your brand as a body. Each part the body may represent something about the brand. Like each part of the body, the brand comprises different functions whether it be brand strategy, communication with consumers, image it portrays to consumers, reach of the brand and how creative it is in its messaging. All play an important role. Below we will discuss more about the similarities between a brand and the body [Read more...]

What is your brand type?

Almost all people have a personality. Some people may be funny, some may be moody, some may have that 1 weird trick they can do; everyone has a personality which people can identify with. The same thing can be said about brands and their “personalities”. Brands can be seen by their consumers in several ways. For example, if the brand is donating its profits to charitable causes that is important to its consumers then it will be looked at in a positive way. If it is donating its profits to cut down trees in an endangered environment that will have negative impact on the environment then it will be looked at negatively. Below we will explore different brand types [Read more...]

Teens and social media

Teens are using social media more than ever these days. Technology in combination with social media has allowed teens to communicate better than any generation before them. Whether they are on the go or at home they are able to leverage social media to communicate with friends and family easily. Below we will look at an interesting info graphic which explores teen use of social media [Read more...]

3 creative social media tips

Here are 3 creative social media tips for businesses and people [Read more...]

Social media personality types and its impact

Just like in real life where people have different personalities, they also have personalities on social media. We will explore the 6 different personalities that people can be categorized into on social media. We will also explore who people should contact to get their messages across on social media and have the biggest impact. [Read more...]

Best brands and what we can learn from them

Successful brands have lots in common: They have strong recognition across the world, they are sold worldwide, they have successful sub-brands and more. Below we will look at an info graphic which shows the sales of the best brands across the world [Read more...]